Critical Research hires 3 new graduates

Critical Research, are very pleased to welcome 3 new members to their Research Executive graduate scheme this year: Katrina Rayment, Freya-Lilly Lampreia, and Nicole Moncrieffe.

All 3 grads will be based at Critical Research’s London office.

 Photograph of Katrina Rayment

Katrina is a Psychology graduate from the University of Nottingham, joining us in July.

When she’s not designing questionnaires and crafting beautiful presentations, she can be found playing games with her puppy Archie. In between watching reality TV and holidays in Ibiza, she also bakes a mean brownie!

Photograph of Freya-Lilly Lampreia

Freya-Lilly joined us in October following her graduation from the University of Greenwich, where she studied Criminology with Psychology.

Freya loves to solve problems and use her coding skills to crunch numbers. She has an artistic side and paints in her free time, as well as training with the English karate coach David ‘Ticky’ Donovan OBE to blue belt.

Photograph of Nicole Moncrieffe

Nicole also joined in October. Her degree in Psychology from the University of Kent involved particular training in research methods and the skills needed to be a successful research executive.

Her research talents range from using TikTok to SPSS, as well as conducting research with KS1/2 children. In her spare time, Nicole has volunteered with British Heart Foundation and an Outreach programme for Children. She is also learning Spanish and loves watching true crime documentaries.

James Hopkins, Critical’s HR Director commented: “This is an exciting time for Critical. Having 3 new members of staff to bring creativity and new research methods will challenge our existing ideas and bring fresh thinking to our research.” 

We welcome all three to Critical Research this year and look forward to their long and successful careers in research. 

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