Ro Marriott, 30 years in the Market Research Business

I joined Critical Research way back in June 1991, before many of my colleagues were even born. This was the year the World Wide Web was created, Bryan Adams spent 16 weeks at No.1 with ‘Everything I Do I Do It For You’, and the final breakthrough in the Channel Tunnel was achieved.

We started with one office in Luton, four employees, and eight CATI stations. 

Over the next decade, as the demand for telephone interviewing grew, so did we.  Two more telephone centres opened, one in Watford, and another in Wallingford.

Interviewers frantically wrote verbatims on paper, data tables chugged out of the printers, we saved our work on floppy discs, bound tables and put them in the post or, if you were in a hurry, ordered a courier to deliver them. 

Important documents were faxed and data was transferred between offices via a modem. Passwords were nowhere to be seen. And, most importantly, no one, but no one, wore jeans to work – never mind flip flops and shorts!

Fast forward 30 years… market research business Critical Research has grown into a full-service agency, employing over 20 full-time staff and 200 part-time interviewers. 

Telephone research has passed its peak, and Face to Face interviewing is making a comeback. 

Fax machines and floppy discs are consigned to museums; everything is instant, and everyone wants everything now.  Everything you need to know is available at the click of a mouse, client contacts have social media profiles, and, of course, everyone wears jeans, shorts, and flip-flops to work. 😊

I have worked with some amazingly talented people and I’m sure Critical Research will continue to be a top market research agency, and go from strength to strength. 

Critical Research has been a part of my life for over half of my life and has enabled me to live the life I have now and for that, I will always be grateful.

Ro Marriott (1991-2021)